NextPlay designs and delivers customized career development programs that empower student-athletes to capitalize on their unique set of skills.

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What We Do

NextPlay delivers comprehensive career success programs for college athletics departments. Each NextPlay program is customized to fit the needs of our clients and is designed to equip all athletes with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and network to build a fulfilling life after sports. While athletes are the primary beneficiaries, each NextPlay program is uniquely branded for the institution, allowing the athletics department to realize gains in donor and alumni engagement, recruiting, and public relations.

Our Mission

Deliver comprehensive career success programs that equip all athletes with the
knowledge, skills, confidence, and network to build a fulfilling life after sports.


Gain exposure to various industries and shape
understanding of personal values and goals.


Acquire new tactical abilities and identify how
current skillsets transfer beyond athletics.


Explore identity beyond sports and ownership
of unique advantage in the marketplace.


Learn from industry practitioners and develop
relationships with advocates and mentors.

Our Vision

Level the playing field to allow more people an opportunity
to pursue a meaningful professional life, regardless of background and social capital.

Who We Are

Kyle Mumma

Kyle Mumma

Founder & CEO

Kyle began his career as a student manager for the men’s basketball team at Duke University where he was part of a national championship team in 2010. After remaining on Coach K’s staff for two years after graduation from Duke, Kyle took a job in operations and recruiting with Duke Football. He paused his career in athletics to earn his MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 2018 and deferred his post-MBA employment as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte in order to establish NextPlay in August of 2018.

NextPlay Values


Have the courage to be your truest self
and encourage others to do the same.


Surround yourself with people who make you better.


Ask questions, push the envelope, and never stop learning.


Win or lose, strive to be great in your next play.

Our Services

Full NextPlay Program

Comprehensive year-round programs that maintain career success as a priority from the time an athlete steps on campus as a recruit through their continued involvement as an alum. NextPlay staff will design and deliver classroom sessions, experiential learning, company visits, and networking events each year that are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the student- athletes at a given school. We brand each program specifically for our clients, ensuring that they reap the rewards in recruiting, fundraising, alumni engagement, and PR. NextPlay then handles the resource intensive logistics, data collection, and follow up that maximize the impact of each program. Each program will be staffed with NextPlay personnel who will not only design and deliver the program, but who are always available as a resource to our clients and their student-athletes for additional career support. Programs will leverage faculty and alumni of our client institutions to make the programs as unique as possible for each client. A full NextPlay program is an opportunity for schools to partner with experienced career success professionals while paying significantly less than they would to build a department internally.


NextPlay partners with schools to add individual workshops to pre-existing career development programs. These workshops, which are delivered by NextPlay personnel and our network of educators, are ideal for schools who are looking to test the value of additional career success programming. We offer workshops on topics including LinkedIn, professional outreach, elevator pitches, resumes, cover letters, public speaking, PowerPoint, interview preparation, mock interviews, networking strategies, financial literacy, time management, major selection, personal brand development, mapping values to careers, etc.

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NextPlay leverages our extensive expertise as college athletes and working with college athletes to help athletics departments maximize their career success offerings. Consulting services include detailed, data-driven analyses and will ultimately provide departments with new and innovative ways to enhance the career outcomes of their student-athletes.
NextPlay offers individual consultations to athletes who are facing career transitions. From a young age, athletes develop an identity that is centered around their participation in sports. Whether their retirement from sports comes at 18, 22, or 42, many athletes struggle to retain their sense of identity as they transition away from competitive athletics. NextPlay helps athletes of all ages explore their values, understand why they identify so strongly with athletics, and prepare them for the next chapter in their career journey.


The Duke Football Future Initiative

The Duke Football Future Initiative, which kicked off in the summer of 2018, is a comprehensive career development program created by NextPlay to meet the specific needs of Duke Football student-athletes. The program is a testament to the value that NextPlay programs can add to athletes and athletics departments around the country.

Duke Football Future is one of the best, most creative ideas that has come across my desk in 43 years as a football coach. It went better than I ever dreamed that it could have.”

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Cost Savings and Efficiency

Industry Expertise and Experience

Proprietary Student-Athlete Outcome Data

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