Ever wondered what a Division I Ice Hockey student-athlete does in a day when in Ontario, Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic? Say no more, and look no further.

Especially right now, it’s undoubtedly hard to feel motivated to get tasks done, like work, exercise, and all the “normal” things we took for granted before the pandemic. It’s certainly inspirational to see what other people do in a day whether for entertainment purposes or for some inspiration in your own daily activities.

Follow Emily Reid, a student-athlete working towards her Master’s in Sport Management at UConn and NextPlay’s Business Development Intern, through a day in the life here.

If you’re interested in:

Breakfast ideas
Creative workouts (especially with a pool!)
Some music inspiration
Tips & tricks for student-athletes
Snack ideas
Dinner ideas (and the infamous debate over whether pineapple belongs on pizza)
Advice from an undergraduate student-athlete turned grad student who has successfully navigated the crazy college recruiting process and seen it all…

Do not hesitate to click the link above and watch Emily’s takeover. Even if it’s just to see how people voted in the pineapple on pizza debate, it’s valuable information, and it’s available via the NextPlay Instagram saved highlight reel.