NextPlay Launches HBCUnite

In June, NextPlay made a public statement that we believe in the equality of all people and that we stand in solidarity with those speaking out against racism, oppression, and discrimination. We saw this statement as a moral imperative and an obvious first step but we are committed to further action. As the next step in our commitment to fight for equality, we are excited to launch the HBCUnite program, granting highly discounted access to our software platform for any HBCU looking to strengthen their community.

The importance of strong networks is clear across a range of personal, professional, and educational outcomes. These networks have largely been built by and for white communities, and play a significant role in outcome disparities. Research suggests that although black job-seekers are equally likely to reach out to their network for support in the job search as white job seekers, black job seekers receive fewer leads and are less likely to ultimately receive a job offer.

Our solution is built to strengthen athletic department networks in order to enhance long-term educational and employment outcomes for athletes. The HBCUnite program will grant highly discounted access to our software for any HBCU institution looking to harness the power of their networks and to improve outcomes for their athletes. We have been fortunate enough to pilot our tool with Tennessee State, and we look forward to strengthening that partnership as we expand our network among HBCU schools.

We are inspired by the increased awareness and education around long-standing issues of racism and inequity. We believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to use their power to ensure that the momentum of this moment is sustained and results in lasting change. The HBCUnite program is the first step in our commitment to doing our part in the push for racial equity.

If you would like to participate in the HBCUnite program or learn more about NextPlay, you can visit our website at or email