NextPlay Partners with Its First Academic Program

IOWA CITY, IA – The UISRM program is building a culture of active learning and doing. A big part of growing and promoting the co-curricular events that help round a UISRM student into a young professional is the UISRM Club and its special interest group structure.

Speakers, workshops, and volunteer opportunities play a role in reinforcing and further developing skills and concepts learned in classes. Keeping club members and the program at large in the loop about these events and capturing the content created for students and faculty in the future presents a large challenge. UISRM is working with an app developer who partnered with Hawkeye football to help.

NextPlay is an application used primarily by college athletic departments to facilitate communication within its athletic programs and with alumni. The University of Iowa football program uses NextPlay to facilitate the Hawkeye Legacy program – to keep alumni informed and introduce the current crop of Hawkeyes to the family.

The UISRM Club is using the NextPlay app to power the UISRM Hub – the center of information and connection for club members and alumni. UISRM’s official student organization is the first academic entity to utilize the app and is working closely with NextPlay to build out features to fit their needs.

Kyle Mumma, Founder & CEO of NextPlay, is excited about the chance to get involved with the academic side of the institution.

“We are thrilled to work with the UISRM community as they look to deepen their lifelong support of members,” Mumma said. “Our platform will allow UISRM students past, present, and future to leverage their powerful network to build impactful careers and drive progress in the sports industry.”

You can find the UISRM Hub on the app store for Apple or Android. Once you register you will be contacted by a UISRM Hub ambassador to verify your interest and role in relation to the UISRM program.

The NextPlay platform aims to elevate athlete outcomes, amplify alumni engagement and enhance donor impact. NextPlay provides employees with a professional opportunity where they are valued, empowered, and excited to contribute to a growing business organization.

To learn more about how NextPlay can help your program, schedule time to talk with us.