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Next Play is changing the game for many elite athletic departments across the nation. 


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“As a proud Legacy Hawk, I am thrilled that Iowa football has made this investment in its current and former players.”

Broderick Binns; Iowa Alumni & Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


“The concept for the Duke Football Future Initiative is the best thing that I have seen come across my desk in 43 years as a football coach.”

David Cutcliffe; Duke University Head Football Coach


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“The platform, design, and capabilities are all built with an athlete-first mindset. We are excited to partner with NextPlay and scale our engagement digitally.”

Director of Alumni Engagement

Los Angeles Rams

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Kansas State

“We believe our student-athletes will get a head start on a career in the business world before earning a San José State degree.”

Tobruk Blaine; Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Development

San Jose State

“This partnership with NextPlay will allow us to take our efforts to a whole new level and I look forward to seeing connections between Johnnies of all ages continue to grow.”

Mike Hampton; Head Baseball Coach

St. John’s

“NextPlay is revolutionizing both career and student-athlete development as they help our athletes to transcend sports.”

Dr. Andrew Carter; Assistant Athletics Director


“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with NextPlay, which will allow us to stay in touch with our proud Saints alumni while introducing our current programs to them in a very meaningful way.”

Christi Gatto; Athletic Director

St. Clair

“I wish that I had something like NextPlay during my playing days. I can’t wait to stay connected and see how future generations of athletes leverage this opportunity.”

Furman Football Alumni


“Our work with NextPlay was both re-affirming and insightful, and provided critical strategic feedback that we can implement to drastically enhance our scholar-athlete career development platform.”

Chris Clunie; Athletic Director


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