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Your Reality: Student-athlete outcomes on and off the field rest on your shoulders, and the weight is heavy because…

  • …you are the connection between all stakeholders. Communication drives success in all facets of the department, and all roads lead back to you.
  • …you want to win championships, and you need the right talent to deliver. NIL makes differentiation more critical than ever.
  • …even letterwinners have eyes on you. They gauge how much you care by what happens in the two years before and the first three years after graduation.

NextPlay’s technology helps you deliver elevated athlete outcomes, amplified alumni engagement, and enhanced donor support. That’s Championship Caliber Community.

Give Community

  • Give recruits tangible insight into your branded community of lifelong support.
  • Give student-Athletes autonomy to network, pursue mentorship, and prepare for life after sport.
  • Give alumni & supporters exclusive access to the programs they’ve helped to build.

Earn Engagement

  • Earn competitive advantage with a differentiator you can hold in the palm of your hands.
  • Earn centralized, efficient communication with all of your stakeholders in one place.
  • Earn unwavering program and campaign support when you need it most.

The give has to come before the ask.