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Build Legacies that last.

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You Know: When it comes to winning, culture eats strategy for breakfast. That’s why…

  • …building a winning team doesn’t stop on the court or the field. Prepare your athletes to win championships in life, and championships in the game will follow.
  • …recruits are tired of hearing about the ‘40 year decision’ mentioned in every recruiting pitch across the country. Differentiation matters.
  • …letterwinners gauge how much you care by what you do for them after graduation. Don’t just tell them they are part of the family, show them.

NextPlay makes your team culture so tangible that your recruits can see it, your current athletes can feel it, and your letterwinners can hold it in the palm of their hands.

Give Community

  • Give recruits the tangible empowerment to live their best life during and after their playing days.
  • Give student-Athletes a network full of mentors, opportunities to grow as people, and accessible professional development.
  • Give alumni exclusive access to their program. After all, “Once a part of the program, always a part of the program.” Right?

Earn Legacies

  • Earn commitments from the elite talent you need to build your roster – and the trust of their support system.
  • Earn a legacy that lasts. Cement your positive influence and impact beyond the game.
  • Earn unwavering alumni support and donations of time and money when you need it most.

The give has to come before the ask.