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It takes a village to raise a fund.

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Donors Say: “I only hear from you when you want money.” Which is why…

  • …universities have such a hard time maintaining real, authentic connections with their letterwinners.
  • …30% of outbound ‘update your information’ emails are bounce backs and why 50% of them get no response.
  • …development professionals spend valuable time chasing down new contacts instead of building relationships.

NextPlay’s technology helps universities give the gift of community, and earn the gift of enhanced support.

Give Community

  • Give real connections with their peers through private and secure affinity groups.
  • Give exclusive inside access to the sports programs they’ve helped to build.
  • Give opportunities to mentor, hire, and share their experience with current student-athletes.

Earn Donor Support

  • Earn automated database management. Spend a lot less time chasing contact info.
  • Earn expanded Campaign Reach. Unlock the power of crowdfunding to meet fundraising goals.
  • Earn long term relationships and program support that stays when coaches move on.

The give has to come before the ask.