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Truth is: It’s hard to deliver on the promise of post college preparation without athlete participation. Which is why…

  • …student-athlete development professionals work tirelessly to squeeze development programming into optimal times for the athletes they serve.
  • …some athletes inevitably feel like their major or career aspirations aren’t being supported. It is virtually impossible to uniquely tailor programming to every student.
  • …alumni mentorship is imperative. But it takes time and manual effort to connect the right alumni with the right students – and with a full caseload, time is scarce.

NextPlay’s technology helps student-athlete services professionals leverage their community to make lasting impact. We’re looking for career satisfaction, not just career placement.

Give Access

  • Give student-athletes access to a wide variety of mentors who uniquely understand their interests and experiences.
  • Give alumni the forum to share their expertise, their stories, and their jobs with the up-and-comers from their alma mater.
  • Give employers direct access to the athletes they love to hire and a platform to show off what their company has to offer.

Earn Participation

  • Earn butts in seats. Athletes will be eager to hear the right information, from the right messenger, at the right time.
  • Earn automated relationship development, freeing up time time to have meaningful conversations.
  • Earn expanded reach through centralized communication and follow up tools at your fingertips.

The give has to come before the ask.