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NextPlay’s cutting edge mobile technology helps universities…

Engage & Connect:

Exclusive Access – Behind-the-scenes videos from inside the program. Real time chatter and good-natured banter on gameday chats. Build buy-in to the program.

Affinity Groups – Closed networks for private, secure, & authentic dialogue. Empower alumni and athletes to engage on their terms. Boost organic connectivity.

Targeted Search – Intuitive filters to customize your search around what matters most. Find teammates, peers, mentors, and support in one place. Amplify your network.

Develop & Launch:

Go Live – Broadcast seminars and events in real time. Make workshops last beyond the moment. Maximize views and make an impact.

Job Board – Posted by employers who love athletes and alumni who want to give back. Explore, apply, and track progress. Drive career satisfaction, not just placement.

Event Management – Create, post, and share upcoming events. Assign tasks to make events memorable. Get butts in seats.

Fundraise & Manage:

In- App Fundraising – Put targeted campaigns in front of engaged users. Personalize messaging to express the why behind the cause. Crowdfund your way to campaign goals.

Push Notifications – Reliable delivery of customized communication. Send the right messages at the right times to keep awareness high. Eliminate bounce backs.

Contact Database – Simple onboarding process captures and stores pertinent information. Maintain direct contact despite changing information. Automate database management.

Integration & Security:

Controlled access – Mitigate risk with robust permissions and access options. Maintain exclusivity and privacy in your championship community.

Trusted Security – Protect sensitive user information with industry leading practices for data encryption, storage, and transmission.

Easy Integration – Build seamless integrations to improve user experience and work with the unique requirements of each partner institution.